Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Result - Who is the 'kuit-est' doggy in the blogsphere


This world so not fair one.
How could Liucas beat me?!
I do not mind losing to Ah Boy cos Ah Boy is cute and sweet but losing to Liucas?! Grrrrr!!!

I so mmmm fannn heii so I go check-check his blog and his mummy's blog, Wah Sai, the publicity so keng, even keng-er than 'Living with Ika, Serena C and Pietro' Contest. And somemore ah, that Liucas's mummy uses her feminine charm and lure all the guy's vote. Too bad my daddy is ugly else I can ask him to strip in his blog to get more votes for me.

Anyway, Daddy said, "lost ma lost lor... at least you gain more friends". "True also", I think. Through this poll, I friend friend with Snowy and Crystal, Baby, Selba and especially Rossi and Chester since they are golden like me.

So what is a contest with no prize, right? So, Daddy said he will sponsor a bag of treat for the winner woh. And to redeem the prize, please follow the instruction below

Email the mailing address to

Okay lah, got to cabut soon. Uncle will be back in a while. Got to go back and pretend to be innocent and cute.

Bye bye... I mean wow wow

P.s. the treat got expiry date one... Hehehe

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Poll - Who is the cutest doggy in the blogsphere

Since Liucas is unwilling to do it, I'll take over.
I have set up a poll on top of the sidebar to determine who is the cuteness of all. It will run for a week. Feel free to vote.
*starry eye*

Updated - Photo of the participants
Dom Dom



Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dogathon 07

Last Sunday, my daddy and mummy brought me to Dogathon 07 located in the UPM campus. I was so excited to go kai kai that I ‘pretend’ to be kuai kuai the night before. Shh…don’t tell my daddy about it ya. He was wondering how come I did not pee on the floor that night unlike the few nights before.

f5.6 20mm iso200

Anyway, we reached UPM around 8am, the weather there is so cooling, I feel like peeing all the time… which I did. Hahaha.. All doggies need to go through physical examination before they are allowed to participate in any of the event so as soon as we reached the Dogathon 07 event designated area, I was ushered away by some nurses for ‘physical’ examination. You should be there to hear all the ‘Oooooh’ or ‘Aaaahhh’ when those nurses see me. Sigh, what to do… they never see such a cute puppy before. Luckily I am used to all these attention. Just pretend cool lor like those celebrities.

f6.3 iso 200

f5.6 iso200

f6.3 iso200

f1.8 iso200

After the examination, my daddy registered me at the welcome booth and as I suspected, he got some freebies from the sponsor. Later that day, he so damn thick face went and registered again and got another bag of goodies. See... I tell you he damn kedekut one. I so paiseh leh because my friends all laugh at me. Sigh… daddy, what to do with you.

f5.6 iso200

While my daddy was busy snapping away with his new lens and at the same time ogling at my friends’ mothers, mummy brought me to this booth that provides free tick treatment. Not that I have any tick but mummy said this is a precaution woh. For your information, we golden retriever have no tick one, ok. We are royal breed. Tick only for pariah dog like Liucas… Hahahaha

Mummy even bought me 3 set of clothes, of course with daddy’s money. She said I must learn to be like her. Utilize my cute look to get lots of treat. Mummy so panlai. Anyway, back to my clothes, I was wearing one in this picture. Will show you guys the other two pieces when I managed to get hold of my daddy’s camera. Lately he very LC, always tell me not to touch his camera. One of these days, I am gonna chew off the filter off his lens, and then he knows who’s the master and who’s the slave.

f4.0 iso200

I need to sign off now. My uncle will be back soon from his class. Yesterday he screamed murder when he found out that I ter-poo-ed in the cage. He has to clean the entire cage and me. I think he’s a bit angry with me so today I got to manja manja with him.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What I did last Saturday...

Daddy bought me a new toy last week - a rubber ball... again.
I got so many toys already. Let see, I got 2 rubber balls, 1 tyre-shape chewy, a couple of bones shape-chewy and a rope.

Daddy is trying to teach me the 'Stay Trick'... but normally I can't stay long. I am so tempted to bite anything that crosses my path. Muahahahaha...

f/1.8 50mm iso400

f/1.8 50mm iso400

After a hard day of playing, I need to crunch my thirst.
f/1.8 50mm iso400

I was chilling out at the living hall when I heard grandpa telling daddy how smelly I am and he suggested getting me bathed.

Grandpa: "Oi, your dog smelly lah. Bath her lah"
Daddy: "Okay"
Me: "Woof Woof Woof" translated to "I am not smelly lah. This is women scent. You human so kampung one..."

But I cannot do anything to prevent daddy and mummy from bathing me. Well, not that I dislike bathing, I actually like water but I don't like to be forced into doing something I don't want to. This picture showing me lepak-ing before the 'slaughter'

f/5.6 40mm iso 200

One thing I don't understand human is why lah they like to take picture of everything. Even during showering, they still want to snap me! Crazy bunch!
f/5.6 40mm iso200

Actually I am feeling very happy they bath me because I overheard them talking about bringing me to Dogathon 07 tomorrow. I can't wait...

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I was spanked... sob sob

I was spanked by daddy this morning.... sob sob.
All I did was ingesting several pebbles and he hit me so hard. If he smacks me one more time, I am going to report him to SPCA.

f1.8 50mm iso400

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dogathon 07

I was checking some doggy-porn sites when I stumbled into this - Dogathon 07 website. Since every Sunday I also eat full nothing to do, I will try to persuade daddy to bring me there.

Hmm... looking at the main event list, there are so many interesting games such as Dogathon Race (hmm... need to run one ah? think think first), Fastest Eating Duo (aiya, this one sure I can win lah since me and my daddy can eat really fast), Emperor’s New Clothes (some silly dress me up competition), Master Hunt (need to look for your master, i.e. my daddy), Best Trick (the only trick I know now is sleep, does that count as a trick), Dog and Owner Look-A-Like (this one sure lost, my daddy so ugly with pimple everywhere, waste gas only) and Agility Challenge (a field event close to a game my daddy used to play called 'Lari berhalangan and Cari duit dalam tepung'.

This is really a Must go activity with capital M. For the rest of the week, I am going to be kuai kuai and remind myself not to poo in the cage or pee on the carpet again else daddy sure won't bring me there one. He always said if he bring me out, I always memalufyingkan him. But I think he will go, because normally this kinds of event, the organizer gives out free goodie bags such as dog food and knowing how kedekut he is, sure no run chicken this time. Hahaha

Here are some details:
Map here
Schedule here

Btw, check out my latest photo on Playgod. Some doggyrazzi shot me chewing on some ice cream wrapper. I tell you, all these doggyrazzis no use one. People pose nice nice they don't want to take, they only want to take picture of me eating my poo or licking my downthere. Apalah...

F/1.8 50mm ISO200

Hello world!

Hi there everyone!! *Waving Paw*

F/1.8 50mm ISO200

Hmm... Where to start? Okay, I'll introduce myself first.

My name is Wisdom. I am a girl. You can call me Dom Dom for short. You must be wondering where this name came about. Well... my dad got me the same day he went for surgery to remove his wisdom tooth so he named me after his tooth. Grrrrrrrr!!!

Anyway I am golden retriever. My biological mum is a golden retriever and my biological dad is a golden retriever as well. Talk about coincident! My dad said my parents are champion. I don't know what he meant but yesterday I poo-ed 3 times, each time after my dad cleans the cage. I think I am really a champion lor. Haha. Anyway I am barely 3 month old but I am already weighed at 8kg. My granddaddy said I am fat. I where got fat!! Hmmppthhhh!!! You guys look at me. Fat meh??

Anyway nowadays my daddy wakes up early in the morning to walk me around the neighbourhood. He makes sure I have enough to eat before he goes to work. He even called his brother (my uncle-lah) to check on me during lunch hour. Pity my uncle has to go home during lunch hour to clean my poo. Hehehe…

*to be continued...