Sunday, March 23, 2008

One sunny day last week...

One sunny day last week...

DD: "Phewwwiittt... leng chai, mai mai. Got sale!!"

"What sale?"
"Btw, my name is Jan Tan. You can call me Tan for short. I am the alpha male in the neighbourhood. I roams and covers Jln PUJ 7/1 to Jln PUJ 7/7. I have my marking on every lamp post so don't play play. I am the BOSS"

But behind every successful man dog, there is a fat and ugly woman bitch.
"Oi, what do you mean by fat. I am not fat, only ugly. Well... everyone here called me Tina, short for Be Tina"
"And to you Tan, don't you ever go near that blonde chick. We black people don't like blonde, ok. Now come back!!"

This is where they usually meet up, Hydrant Corner about 50 meters aways from my home. Every evening both Tan and Tina will be there sniffing each other butt. Menyampah betui tengok mereka 'bercengkeramah'...

From The Daddy - Dom Dom was on heat 2 weeks ago so she has been acting extra 'hiao'

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I am still alive

Hi hi. Contrary to rumour spread by liucas, I am pretty much alive and kicking.

To prove you that, below is the picture of my san choi or figure. I bet Liucas is dripping saliva right now. But too bad, you are too SHORT for my liking. Hahahahaha

Here is a picture of me enjoying my BIG BIG bone. Grandma bought one for me from the market. I think Liucas never tried this before. He only has those pathetic kibble that is why he is malnutritious and developed the symptom 'unable to differentiate his own gender'. I pity you

Okay, that's all for today. I need to go back to my bone chewing. Ngam ngam