Monday, October 8, 2007

The true face of Liucas the Hamsap Dog

My daddy always teaches me not to write bad about people dog but this time I cannot stop myself from writing about him due to his super ham sap behavior. Last week, I asked him to join me at the Doggy Fair. So being a host, I go there seven early eight early. Mana tahu, he only came at 11am, 3 hours late.

And as soon as he arrived, he quickly pretends cute while posing for the photographer.

And some more pretend to be friendly with me but I know he is using the opportunity to raba raba me.

When I politely push him away, he so damn pik chik goes and pees and poops everywhere and this time I got evident to prove it.
Or See(pooping)

Or Liu

But no matter how ham sap he is, my daddy still insists that I pose one for the group picture. Look at this face, always pretending to be cute and innocent. Cis!

Now guys don't say I did not warn you about Liucas!!